The membership levels are intended to reflect progression in the field of Human Resource

Management. There are two (2) elements, which form the basis of the assessment process:

Academic and professional qualifications

  1. Academic and professional qualifications
  2. Experience within the field of Human Resource Management (as identified in the Association’s By-Laws).
All applications should continue to be assessed by the Committee of Management at their monthly meetings. Except where provided in the Constitution all levels of membership will carry designatory letters.

In order for the Association to act as a resource centre which offers information and training in the area of good people management practice, all applicants should be offered membership.


This focus of HRMAB will be to provide programmes, service, education and networking fora that address the needs of individuals. HRMAB service area and programmes are described below:

Conferences, Workshops and Fora

The Annual Conference will be held each October, featuring experts and international leaders in Human Resource Management and Development. A workshop focusing on current issues and futuristic thinking will be offered.

Research and Publications

Provision of studies and surveys as well as access to latest research will be part of these services. HRMAB will also publish resource material including its in-house journal.

Professional, Networking and Benchmarking

Professional networking sessions will be hosted to allow practitioners, experts, academics, implementers to share and exchange information and experiences and offer HRMAB members the opportunity to benchmark with leading organisations.

Professional Awards and Peer Recognition

Annual Professional Awards and peer recognition honours will be given to selected business organizations and individuals pursuing and achieving significant progress towards providing

world-class products and services in Barbados.

Consulting and Training Opportunities

Consulting and training services will be made available to members’ organisations at discounted  rates. These services will be provided by recognized members, consultants and trainers within HRMAB.

Members should:

  • Show faith in the worthiness of the HR profession by industrious application to the highest standards of practice and personal conduct.
  • Seek success and personal growth in the field of Human Resource Management and development.
  • Be loyal and committed to the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados
    (HRMAB) Inc. and true to ourselves in developing the Human Resource Management profession.
  • Champion mutual respect in all relationships and encourage consistent, fair, equitable treatment of employees at all levels.
  • Strive to make business profitable in monetary terms through service excellence and influencing the continuous education, training and development of the workforce.
  • Uphold all laws, regulations and conventions relating to the employment relationship.
  • Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.
  • Give unswerving loyalty in thought, word and actions to our obligations as citizens of Barbados.