Training and Development Committee


  • Provide training development activities for Human Resource Management practitioners.
  • Establish linkages with local, regional and international educational institutions and Human Resource bodies to facilitate life-long learning and continuing professional development.

Key Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate general Professional Development programmes to meet the needs of today’s HRM professionals.
    • Liaise with Cave Hill School of Business regarding Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Diploma programmes as well as the Thomas Roach Scholarship. Criteria to be submitted to Cave Hill School of Business (CHSB).
    • Promote a culture of continuous learning and development.

Specific Tasks:

  • Plan and implement six (6) general meeting seminars.
  • Conduct training needs assessment survey as required.
  • Administer an Internship Programme for students and affiliate membership progression.
  • Seek Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) Council funding and host HRD programmes in collaboration with the UWI Open Campus, BEC or any other organisation whose aims and objectives are compatible with HRMAB.