Research & Publications Committee


  • Create partnership with leading academics to find fresh approaches and insights into developing progressive people management practice.
  • Conduct research on Human Resource Management issues and publish the results of such research and other articles on Human Resource Management related matters.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop industry lead standards and figures from research and the experiences of good practice, locally and regionally, rather than ideological positions.
  • Promote good practice in people management and development in the form of position papers, key fact sheets and information notes.

Suggested Tasks:

  • Formulate our own in-house data bank.
  • Develop central information database for HRMAB members.
  • Publish magazines or newsletters so that members can become aware of what is happening in the Association and be able to keep up- to-date on all the important issues
    and latest thinking in people management and development.
  • Publish research articles collected from awards programme and other academic or experiential extracts beneficial to the development of H.R. practice in Barbados.