We are seeking dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable presenters for the 2020 Human Resource Management Association of Barbados People Leadership Conference.


The primary conference audience consists of multiple levels of business professionals from entry level tosenior level and C-Suite executives. Human Resource professionals, entrepreneurs, educators andstudents will also be in attendance. Session content should be geared towards the target audience.

The Youth Session will include secondary school and university undergraduate level students. The presentation’s objective is to stimulate student’s understanding of the tenets of leadership and to sensitize them to begin the development of the requisite competencies. The presentation should inspire and empower future professionals to embrace the fields of leadership and human resource management.



Proposals are solicited for 15-minute and 75-minute presentations that are hands on, interactive, creative, dynamic, and feature best practices in people leadership and human resources. The presentation time frame will include introductions, presentation material, question and answer session, and evaluation. Attendees should leave with specific knowledge and skills about various aspects of the  topic and how it can be applied in the workspace and relates to their future development. Presentations should provide attendees with educational value and refrain from promoting a specific business, product, or service. 

Of special note is that the 15-minute presentations are intended to give the attendees a ‘speed dating’ experience regarding a topic and should be fun, engaging and stimulating in content. Presenters will need to captivate the audience and provide insight into a topic within the shortest possible time using multimedia support. Presentations will need to be sent to run autonomously and must run for exactly 15 minutes after which time the presenter will need to stop sharing as another presenter would immediately present.


  1. Masters Level session targeted to C-Suite Professionals
  2. Leadership
  3. Talent Management & Development
  4. Employer Branding and Culture
  5. Technology & Innovation
  6. Diversity & Inclusion
  7. Strategic Compensation
  8. Nuts & Bolts session i.e. Fundamentals of people management.
    Technical and tips type sessions for professionals at various levels within the organization
  9. Professional Development largely targeting HR practitioners
  10. HR Global Trends
  11. Engagement
  12. Strategy
  13. Big Data and HR Metrics
  14. Change management
  15. Managing Employee transitions inclusive of restructuring, retirement etc.
  16. HR in the Public Sector.
  17. Student targeted session which may appeal to CAPE and UWI level students.
    This might be a ‘Building Blocks type course appealing to students of HR or those entering into
    fields where management of people might be critical.
  18. HR in the Boardroom

If you have a topic that is at the forefront of the industry though not listed above, we would still encourage you to submit the proposal for special consideration.


A complete session slide deck will be required by August 31st, 2020.


All information must be submitted to admin@hrmab.org.bb with the subject heading Conference Proposal Submission.

All submitters will be notified of acceptance, regret or wait listed by April 15th, 2020. Presenters are encouraged to upload a photograph and a bio at the time abstracts are submitted. Bios are limited to a maximum of 200 words. The goal of the presenter bio is to provide us with insight into your career, experience and major accomplishments. Photographs and presenter bios will be included in our promotional materials. 

Bio Guidelines

• Full name, current job title and organization’s name
• Description of your role in the organization and the products/services it provides
• Highlights from your career as it relates to your current position
• Key community service activities
• Personal interests
• Degrees, certifications, awards, honors, authored publications and presentations

Photo Guidelines

• High resolution 300 dpi JPEG file
• Cropped head to shoulder in a medium close up shot
• Company Logo Guidelines (if applicable)
• High resolution 300 dpi JPEG file

Submitting the Full Presentation

Upon acceptance Presenters will be requested to submit PowerPoint Presentations to admin@hrmab.org.bb. The reference line should read “2020 HRMAB Presentation (Your Name)”:

Full Presentations should be submitted no later than April 30th, 2020.
Presentations should be saved with the following naming convention:
Current Year, Underscore, Workshop Title, Underscore, First Initial and Last Name.
Example: 2020_Leadership in 2020_JDoe.
Presentations that do not meet the aforementioned requirements or the submission deadline will beautomatically placed on a waiting list.


As a presenter for the 2020 HRMAB People Leadership Conference, you will be guaranteed complimentary full conference registration inclusive of the Pre-Conference Mingle and Opening Ceremony. Conference registration fees are waived for a maximum of one co-presenter. HRMAB does not pay presenters an honorarium or speaker fee.


HRMAB is amenable to a variety of workshop presentation formats. Those most desirable at the conference include lecture format, panel presentation, or roundtable discussions. Handouts may be appropriate, depending on the complexity of the topic. Presenters are responsible for providing copies of workshop handouts. Presenters can choose to use their own laptops or can request the use of an available laptop through HRMAB. Presenters will need to advise of their technical requirements at the time of submission of their full presentation.


Abstract Submission Due: March 15th,  2020

Acceptance/Regret/Wait listed Notification Sent: April 15th, 2020

Full Presentation Due: August 31th, 2020