Abigail Henry - NLJ - Author Photo

Abigail Henry

Director of Special Programme, National Library of Jamaica

Innovation & Inclusivity – National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) Success Story

Target Audience: C-Suite Executives, HR Practitioners at all levels, Public sector representatives

Inclusivity is everyone’s business, and the National Library of Jamaica is a story any professional needs to hear. Over the past two years, the NLJ has received three major awards recognizing its contributions to nation building, stemming from the Library’s initiative, to increase engagement and inclusivity of differently abled persons across the island. The presentation will focus on techniques the Public Sector and Private Sector alike, can apply to overcoming challenges surrounding inclusivity.  Assessing the importance of partnerships with organizations working within the deaf community and the importance of designing and building purpose fit buildings for to propel inclusivity in the workplace.

Join Abigail as she shares how NLJ’s experience, can help businesses in becoming better able to respond to changing needs in the differently abled community and stakeholder expectations in the global digital age!

Dr. K. Connell

Dr. Kenneth Connell

Physician Leader, Public Speaker & Health Advocate

rs, Health and Wellness professionals.

Is My Job Killing Me Slowwwwllly??

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, HR professionals, Managers and Supervisors, Health and Wellness professionals.

The extent of the health landscape has changed to include any environment where healthy lifestyle activities shouldoccur, such and gyms and spas, and now, more importantly, the workplace! We spend most of our awake work week time in the office; it’s very important therefore to reduce the impact of risk factors that compromise our health.

This interactive presentation aims to disrupt the audience’s impression of health environments, and to immediately them with practical interventions to live healthier at work.

By the end of this session, participants WILL be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What are some of the factors at work that compromise this health environment?
  2. How can I manage my work environment to reduce my risk of heart attack and stroke?
  3. What are some of the key questions to bring to my doctor’s attention next visit?

Katrina Sam

Director, Human Resources & Administration, Caribbean Development Bank

Digital HR Transformation- Are you ready?

Target Audience: C-Suite Executives, HR Practitioners at all levels, IT Professionals  

The CDB Journey- Every journey begins with a first step. Our first step began just four years ago and now represents a major transformation not only for HR but for the organisation. Join us to learn about the stimulus for change, our change management process and the lessons learned along the way.

Graeme Jackson

Leadership and Management Advisor, Cayman Islands Government

Creating a world class organisation

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals who aspire to advance their careers in HR , Change Management professionals, Public Sector officials

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas territory and is a major player in the fields of international finance and high end tourism. This would not be possible without the efforts of the Cayman Islands Civil Service which consists of 4000 people in a range of departments that provide the key enablers of economic success. In this 75 minute presentation, Graeme will explain how they set about creating a strategic plan that takes them on the journey to becoming a World Class civil service and puts every civil servant in a leadership position to improve the lives of those they serve.

The presentation will set the history and context for the change and will use interactive elements and audience participation to help bring the theory of leadership, management and employee engagement to life with reference to the practical interventions that have taken place.

Gregory Skeete

Human and Business Performance Specialist, Life Engineer Inc.

People and Process: A 5-Step Framework to Re-engineering Your Organization for High-Performance”

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals who aspire to advance their careers in HR , Change Management professionals, Operations Managers.

This dynamic presentation will take participants through a journey in the construction of the model of a pyramid which reflects a modern high-performance organization. 

It will explore what is required to develop the people and business systems that are required for success and sustainability in an age of increased global competition, challenge and opportunities. Following an introduction to the “True Meaning of Engineering”, the 5-step framework and implementation process will be outlined with the use of creative storytelling.


Selwyn Cambridge

Founder and Executive Director of TEN Habitat and DJ Simmons, Spoken Word Artist and Writer

Story- Telling – A new way of driving business

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Managers and Supervisors, Public sector representatives and any persons required to lead and engage individuals. 

The Caribbean is no exception in the worldwide focus on employee and client engagement.  Yet while many creative and at times expensive solutions are being sought after, many have forgotten one of the most universal practices which cuts across cultures and connects people everywhere.  Storytelling is a core value and technique within leadership that is often overlooked. When used properly storytelling helps the leader to engage his people, share knowledge with them, and build shared visions and earn trust.  This session will explore how the most effective leaders have been storytellers and by looking at the mechanics of storytelling will reveal how leaders can connect with their people, share their vision and implicit promise and create true engagement. 

Rochelle Haynes

Dr. Rochelle Haynes


Senior Lecturer, University of West of England

Gig HR- Performance Management & The Future of Work

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals who aspire to advance their careers in HR, Union officials. 

In the digital age, traditional HRM practices run the risk of becoming irrelevant! Technological advancements, economic conditions, and changes in the global labour market have all challenged organizations to re-examine their existing people management strategies in order to remain competitive. For example, in the blended workforce, companies must now widen their talent lens to consider managing the performance of full-time employees vs. part-time workers, in-house staff vs. independent contractors, online vs. offline workers, digital natives vs. digital novices, and even humans vs. robots…yes robots! 

While the above sounds like an abstract from ‘Back to the Future’, this future is already here with major firms like Best Buy, Yotel and Adidas using robots to cut costs and increase productivity. As a result, organizations are also challenged to redeploy their talent pools as once necessary skills become obsolete. 

This interactive session will provide participants with insights into the changing world of work and the challenges that the workplace of the future will present to business and individuals alike. It will then introduce and discuss ‘Gig-HR’, a trademarked term coined by Dr. Haynes to address how organizations can re-engineer their HRM practices to fit an increasingly dynamic work environment.

Natasha Joseph


Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor, Sol Caribbean Ltd

How high is too high?

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals, Health and Safety professionals, medical professionals, Managers and Line Managers

We exist in a world that is constantly evolving; whether we call it Cannabis, Marijuana or “Weed”, employers must recognize the paradigm shift. The changing legal environment and growing scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of cannabis (and its by-products) for select health conditions; requires an assessment of the safety and appropriateness of Cannabis use within the Caribbean workforce. It is imperative that the drug characteristics are considered, concentration, route of administration, dose and frequency, and pharmacokinetics; as well as the risks inherent to workplace environments when an employer seeks to determine … “How high is too high?”

Toney A. Olton Pic

Toney Olton

Principal Consultant, The Potter Centre

Emotions, Leadership and Workplace Excellence

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Managers and Supervisors, Public sector representatives and any persons required to lead and engage individuals.

Participants will experience how to recognize, use, understand and manage emotions in the workplace to strategically enhance intra and inter-personal relationships, gain influence and foster desired levels of employee engagement and performance. Toney leads a team of consulting associates, and serves a mix private, public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Toney makes learning both fun and memorable, and has earned an excellent reputation for delivering training with high and sustained impact. His skills as a motivational speaker are also highly regarded and in much demand.

Sheena Mayers-Granville

Sheena Mayers- Granville

Executive Director, Barbados Employers Confederation

Organizational CPR: Strategies for a Changing Climate

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals who aspire to advance their careers in HR , Change Management professionals, Operations Managers, Union representatives.

In the same way that there are defining moments where CPR can be used to resuscitate a person; moments also exist in our organizations which require urgent and targeted interventions.  A successful resuscitation must follow prescribed steps and, in this session, we will explore these areas to ensure that your organization moves from surviving to thriving.  

Gail Springer 2

Gail Springer

Human Resource and Industrial Relations Consultant/Owner, Vivere Consulting  

Is there still “Cheese”? – An Evaluation of the forces impacting good Industrial Relations practice in Barbados and the implications for Business, the Employee and the HR practitioner

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and mid-level HR Managers, Junior HR professionals, IR professionals, Change Management professionals, Operations Managers, Union representatives, Public Sector officials.

The workplace has changed considerably and with it the needs and expectations of employees has shifted. 

New labour legislation continues to surface, perceptions of ambiguity in its construct dominate discourse, new Unions emerge while others reorganize to keep pace with the needs of their constituents. “No supply of Cheese can last forever” the question is asked who is really being made to suffer? 

This session will consider the many factors impacting on progressive Industrial Relations practice in the new employment era and discuss the role of leadership, that management (inclusive of HR) must play in ensuring that beyond good Industrial relations practice, good employment practices exist to promote trust and engagement in a business economy that is changing faster than meetings can be convened at the bargaining table. 


Rochelle James


Human Resource Consultant, Talent Acquisitionist, Author and Career Coach

BESTFIT: Behavioural, Cognitive and Performance Based Interviewing Techniques

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and HR professionals, Hiring Managers and Recruiters, Public Sector officials, Students of HR and management studies.

Based on the tools presented in the book “BESTFIT” by Rochelle A. R. James; this presentation will cover behavioural, cognitive and performance based interviewing techniques.

This book explores what three dimensional (3D) interviews are, how they can be used as a social psychology tool and the benefits to be derived when combined with the R3 technique. The R3 technique, as a methodology, allows the recruiter to carry out a full scan of the candidate’s past, present and future state (potential, attitude and aptitude). As with the book this presentation will take participants through a series of interviewing tools to use and add to their recruitment strategy.

It will challenge Human Resource practitioners to think and operate differently in their interviews and overall recruitment processes. It challenges leaders to look at their recruitment strategy differently and to transform their employee brand; yet remaining aligned to the changing needs of their business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the history of job interviews and their role in the recruitment process
  • Understand what 3 Dimensional interviews are and their link to social psychology
  • Know how to conduct behavioural, cognitive and performance-based interviews through the use
  • of ‘Ridiculous’ activities
  • Know how to assess a company’s transformation state
Official Photo - Principal Longsworth (2) (1)

Dr. Luz Longsworth

Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor, UWI Open Campus

Developing Leadership Resilience in Disruptive Change in the Caribbean

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and HR professionals, Leadership and HR Consultants, Public Sector officials.

The CARICOM strategic plan 2015-2019 speaks to the creation of resilient communities and develops a resilience model for socioeconomic progress.  However, there has been little public or academic discourse on what that truly means for organizations and leaders in the vulnerable small states of the Caribbean.  Too often the term resilience is used to praise the ability of our people to bounce back after natural disasters.  The presentation will look at a more multilayered definition of resilience in the Caribbean context and discuss how leaders of large or small organisations can develop resilience to external and internal shocks caused by disruptive change which is a constant feature of the 21st century organizational environment.  In examining a model for resilient leadership we will explore how leaders of any organization can create an environment   where resilience means not just bouncing BACK from a crisis but bouncing FORWARD to strengthening their staff, their organizations and, by extension, the region.

Dr. Akhentoolove Corbin

Senior Lecturer, UWI Cave Hill Campus

Women in Leadership and Broken Ceilings in Barbados

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and HR professionals, Leadership and HR Consultants, Management Academics, Public Sector officials, Students of management studies.

Various researchers have written about issues related to the glass ceiling that restricts or prohibits women from enjoying the same career benefits as men across different parts of the globe. In spite of the glass ceiling, women have still defied the odds and achieved unique positions of leadership at the highest levels in countries; for example, female Heads of State or Government in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Pakistan, Israel, Ceylon, Soviet Union, China, Mongolia, Jamaica, France, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Singapore, Argentina, Central African Republic, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Philippines, Haiti, Ireland, Georgia, Bangladesh and Liberia.

In the small island developing state (SIDS) of Barbados in the Caribbean, the glass ceiling has been broken in significant ways in recent years. In the same time period, women in Barbados have either been elected or appointed to significant top positions of leadership of major national institutions of government, private and public sectors. The research will highlight this unique situation that is occurring in this small Caribbean island state of 166 square miles and population of approximately 300,000. For example, women are currently in the following positions: the Governor General, Prime Minister, 5 judges of 8 of the Supreme Court of Barbados,  first ever female Deputy Clerk of Parliament, Registrar of the Supreme Court, Leaders of the 3 major national trade unions, Head of private sector employers confederation, heads of 2 major opposition parties, Principal and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, President of the Barbados Olympic Association, 53% of all Permanent Secretaries (Heads of Ministries), Group Chief Operating Officer for largest insurance company in Barbados, Director of National Library Service, Director of Barbados National Revenue Authority, CEO Hilton Resort and Postmaster General.

The presentation explores the evolving national tolerance for diversity as it relates to breaking with traditions which disadvantaged women in society and prevented them from assuming significant national leadership positions. It draws on agency theory and the role or roles that global initiatives may have played in influencing the Barbados’ evolution in terms of enfranchising women based on their competencies and personal career goals. What is considered unique is the fact that in the same timeframe, so many women are in powerful strategic positions of leadership that will no doubt result in significantly effects on the future growth, development and sustainability of the small island state.

Maxine Attong


OD Consultant & Gestalt Executive Coach, Maxine Attong Consulting

The Paradox of Leadership

Target Audience:  Business owners, C-suite Executives, Senior and HR professionals, Leadership and HR Consultants, Managers and Supervisors.

Paradox: ‘A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true’ (Cambridge Dictionary).

Leaders are often confronted with paradoxical situations and have to ask themselves how to cope with these. At times the very way that we need to be is contradictory to how we should be. There are no simple answers to these complex situations and leaders must learn to recognize and hold the tensions that these create. Some of these are:

  • Keeping an eye on vision, while executing daily tasks
  • Making decisions collaboratively and maintaining the autonomy for the team 
  • Being sure of oneself and one’s course of action but remaining humble and open to feedback

In this 75-minute presentation Maxine Attong will share relevant theory, her personal experience and solutions for dealing with paradoxical situations in the workplace.  Audience members will also be invited to get involved by sharing their own experiences, participating in activities, asking questions and engaging in thought provoking discussions.

During this session, the audience will

  • Learn how to identify paradoxical situations
  • Identify strategies for dealing with these
  • Walk away with tools that can be used to deal with paradox
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Director in the People and Organization consulting practice of PwC Cayman Islands

2 fat 2 work - a guide to workplace wellness and productivity

Target Audience: C-Suite Executives, Supervisors/Managers, HR Practitioners at all levels, Insurance Professionals, Health and Wellness Professionals

Workplace wellness has seen huge growth in corporate America & across the Caribbean but why?

Are our employees suddenly asking for help with diets and nutrition?

Does everyone really want to run a marathon?

We talk about the myths vs reality of workplace wellness and how innovative programs really can increase employee engagement, productivity and lower our insurance premiums.

IMG-20190828-WA0018 (1)

Jeremy Stephen

New Economic Challenges Given The Rising Proliferation of Technology

As smartphones become increasingly more engrained in our daily personal and professional use, it is fair to say that the world will continue to be digital for the foreseeable future. Customer service support systems, for example, will become more instantaneous as consumer demand becomes increasingly real time. Companies will also seek to anticipate customer needs in a more anticipatory matter and seek to access employee performance in a similar light. As a result, nations will compete not just for financial and physical resources but the best human capital available. 

The global economic impact of these developments will be remarkable as technology adoption continues to close the gap between developed and developing nations. In this talk, we explore what this future looks like by reviewing the impact that current critical changes such as blockchain technology and quantum computing will have on the geopolitical and economic playing field. The world of work will change in ways we are now beginning to conceive.


Alison Holder

Managing Director of Kaizen Business Development Inc. and Kaizen Learning Institute 

Co-facilitators: Betty Combie

Achieving Strategic Direction: A Project Management and Leadership for Sustainability Hybrid Approach

Target Audience: HR Professionals, Operations Managers, Project Management professionals, Business Studies Academics, Change Management Professionals and Trainers. 

Alison Holder will present on the effective management of projects as a vehicle to successfully and profitably implementing strategic initiatives and innovations. The presentation will examine the linkages between continuous improvement and core project implementation best practices, based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge and the ISO 21500 – Guidance for Project Management. The core best practices to be modelled in the presentation are:
  • Scope Definition – translating complex end user personas (requirements) into tangible features and optimal value
  • Project Teams – building self-organizing and collaborative teams (Agile Teams)
  • Lesson Learnt – creating new approaches (change) and innovations from bad experiences
Headshot 3 - B. Combie

Betty Combie 

Managing Director/owner of Moz Inc. – a management consulting firm.

Co-facilitators: Alison Holder

Achieving Strategic Direction: A Project Management and Leadership for Sustainability Hybrid Approach

Target Audience: HR Professionals, Operations Managers, Project Management professionals, Business Studies Academics, Change Management Professionals and Trainers. 

Betty Combie will reference ISO 9001 – Quality management systems – Requirements and ISO 9004 – Quality management – Quality of an organization – Guidance to achieve sustained success for her presentation. The best practice of quality management is known globally as business common sense and  is currently the best-selling international standard. She will address the requirements of Leadership for Sustainability in the case of either project or operational work and as it relates to:
  1. Unity of purpose & direction
  2. Risk-based thinking
  3. Strategy
  4. Alignment and integration
  5. Policies
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship Management